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True Patient Centered Care

True Patient Centered Care

True Patient Centered Care

Healthcare practitioners are too frequently caught in a system that makes it difficult for them to spend the amount of time they would like with each patient.  

Double-booking, long wait times, and crowded waiting rooms have almost become the norm.  

However, Dr. Baker's practice is set up so that the patient is the number 1 priority. 

In order to provide each patient the attention and specialized treatment they deserve, Dr. Baker sees only a limited number of patients.  

Far too often, counselors and mental health practices focus on the quantity of patients they see rather than the quality of the treatment they provide.    

Dr. Baker learned early in his training that the quality of treatment is more important than the number of billable hours a practitioner can generate.  

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount in Dr. Baker's practice.  There is no receptionist or secretary involved in making appointments and obtaining patient information; all communication occurs directly between Dr. Baker and the patient.    

Because Dr. Baker's practice has no office staff, he is the only person privy to your clinical and personal information except what is required by HIPPA and necessary for insurance purposes.  


Research Based Treatment

True Patient Centered Care

True Patient Centered Care

 Dr. Baker’s scientific research on weight management has been: 

Published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including:

•Health Psychology

•Behavior Therapy 

•The Behavior Therapist 

Referenced in over 700 peer reviewed scientific journal articles, such as:


•The New England Journal of Medicine 

•The Annual Review of Nutrition

•Journal of the American Dietetic Association 

•International Journal of Obesity 

Highlighted in over 35 scholarly books, including: 

•Weight Loss Through Persistence: Making Science Work for You 

•The Nine Truths about Weight Loss: The No Tricks, No-Nonsense Plan for Lifelong Weight Control

•The Healthy Obsession Program:  

Smart Weight Loss Instead of Low-Carb Lunacy 

•Losing Control: How and Why People Fail at Self-Regulation 

•The Prevention Get Thin, Get Young Plan 

•10 Steps to Your Perfect Weight 


Featured in many newspapers and magazines, such as:

•The New York Times 

•Men’s Health


•Family Life

•Weight Loss 

Click here for a selected bibliography of Dr. Baker's published research on weight control.  


Collaboration is the Key

True Patient Centered Care

Collaboration is the Key

Dr. Baker believes  strongly in "collaborative empiricism" which involves a systemic process of therapist and patient working together to establish common goals in treatment,.  This collaborative relationship  has been demonstrated to be one of the primary change agents in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  

Moreover, when medically relevant, Dr. Baker closely collaborates with his patient's Primary Care Physician (PCP), Medical Specialists (e.g. Oncologists, Psychiatrists, Rheumatologists ) and other healthcare providers (e.g. physical therapists, pharmacists) to provide comprehensive care.

A patient's self-knowledge and understanding of their unique life situation, coupled with trust and confidence in their healthcare provider is paramount in achieving treatment success.

Treatment with Dr. Baker is based on the "best practice" approach that incorporates the latest empirically-based research findings from the fields of Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Medicine and Heath Psychology.